A Japanese garden in a Borrowdale setting

A Japanese garden in a Borrowdale setting

Japanese tea house

We’ve been working on a garden design for the Leathes Head Hotel that combines several elements of a traditional Japanese garden and that also guides guests from the car park up to the hotel via the best route.

“We’d previously worked with the clients, Jane McGuiness and her husband Ian , to create a bog garden from an area of land at the front of the property that needed better drainage,” explains Liz, “but the Japanese garden was inspired by Ian’s travels in the past and by the rocky nature of this part of the garden. From an initial idea, we’ve combined existing local materials, stylish planting, a tea house and some unusual approaches to lighting to meet the brief and also to create a stunning garden.”

A central feature of the design is an area that replicates water flowing through the garden using different rocks, stones and gravel. Planting includes Acer ‘Osakasuki’ and Cedrus brevifolia ‘Jade Medusa’, black bamboo and a sunset of azaleas planted on a bank that will gradually spread and create ground cover too. Phil Newport of Wildroof Landscapes has also incorporated several different lighting approaches into the walls so that unobtrusive light is cast on the route through the garden at night.

What finished everything off beautifully was that Jane and Ian invited the team for afternoon tea just before Easter as a thank you and also as a chance for everyone who’d been involved at different stages to see the final – or at least the nearly final – garden.

“Jamie, Tom and Mark were all there as well as Paul and his partner,Dayna and their new baby, Lily Rose,” says Liz. “Paul was called away urgently one day while we were working on the garden as his wife was in labour so it seemed fitting that Lily Rose got to meet everyone too.”

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