A shared love of gardens

A shared love of gardens

Liz and Rachael together

When I met photographer, Rachael de la Mare, at a local yoga class, I didn’t expect we’d have gardens in common. From a first conversation, we’ve now got to know each other well and I’m supporting Rachael in a new business venture to capture and record the glory of Cumbrian gardens on camera through the seasons. The idea is that Rachael will then create very special photographic keepsake books of her clients’ gardens.

Rachael, who is originally from Guernsey but now lives near Penrith, has been a professional photographer for over 15 years. She loves capturing stories in her images and gardens have that element of narrative and continual change.

To make the photographic book or journal idea a reality, Rachael was looking for gardens that she could capture in this way and that’s where I could help. I’ve designed and developed over 500 gardens in and around Cumbria during my 15 years in business in a variety of styles, each one fitting a particular client’s brief and the specific location. I was pretty sure that some of my clients would be happy to let Rachael and her camera in through the coming year to capture the different seasons.

So far, the response has been really encouraging and it’s definitely looking like something that could develop into a new strand of work for Rachael.

One thing that this has really brought to the fore is the challenge to design a garden that has something special to enjoy right through the year Spring bulbs and June flowering are quite easy but having the evergreen structure in place for the winter frosts and planting for the late summer into the autumn need careful thought. Seeing Rachael capture some of my gardens on camera is giving me new ideas too!

For instance, later flowering clematis species are worth including on any trellis or pergola so that there’s flowering later in the year once the roses and honeysuckle are fading. I also love the daisy family (Asteraceae). Rudbeckia, Echinacea and others are at their best in the autumn and bring vivid colour to a garden at this time of year.

If you share Rachael’s and my love of gardens and you’re interested in our work, then please get in touch. Her website is at www.delamare-creative.co.uk and you can contact me here or by giving me a call.