Design process

Site visit

After the initial contact, it’s important for me to make a site visit to assess the garden's location, aspect and condition. It’s also essential for me to fully understand your requirements and expectations and get a feel for your taste, lifestyle and garden needs. It is, after all, your garden and I need to pay particular attention to your likes, dislikes and wishes in order to create a concept scheme tailored to your style and requirements.


At the concept stage I will often provide several alternatives and different design suggestions. These ideas are then refined until you are completely happy with the final concept design.

In order to produce a fully scaled concept drawing, a detailed site survey and inventory of existing plants is essential. The site survey includes measuring the site and its levels; soil sampling, and photographic recording. The size and complexity of the garden will determine whether a simple “measure up” or detailed electronic survey is required. All costs will be submitted for approval prior to carrying out any work.

An accurate site survey will also provide the necessary information for detailed planting plans and subsequent fixed price landscaping quotes

My concept designs are all drawn using the industry standard Vectorworks CAD package to enable easy and accurate landscape quoting - particularly useful for sloping gardens.

You remain totally in control by being consulted at each stage of the process.

Landscaping and planting

I mostly work with Wildroof Landscapes, one of only four APL (Association of Professional Landscapers) accredited professional landscapers in Cumbria, who are suitably skilled and qualified to carry out all aspects of the garden build and planting.

As far as possible, plants are sourced locally to ensure they can withstand the Cumbrian weather. A concerted effort is also made to use local materials and specialist skills when required.

Where necessary I will co-ordinate other contractors for specialised work, for example: live woven willow structures, cleft oak features and stone sculptures.

What clients say

"We are absolutely bowled over by the wonderful garden you've designed and made for us. We really are living in Eden now - the Garden of Eden! We didn't have much idea what we wanted, at first, aside from something low-maintenance, and you threw so many ideas at us, that we were able to work out what kind of garden we really wanted and needed. Thank you so much."

"We appreciate your original design ideas so much more now that we can see the fruits of your combined skills and expertise!"


I like to keep my approach to pricing as simple as possible. I usually charge nothing for my first visit; although I reserve the right to charge for more distant visits. This gives you the opportunity to see if you like my approach and style and it gives me the opportunity to understand you and your garden. Since no two gardens or design briefs are the same, my pricing will vary from garden to garden. I will provide you with a fixed price quote for the survey and creating a concept design. This will include one design revision to incorporate your feed-back and changes to the concept; or for your complete peace of mind, it could be a full redesign if I have misunderstood your requirements.

How much is it likely to cost?

Well, it is not easy to be specific without more information, which is why I don't usually charge for my first visit (depending on your location). All I can say is that I am not the cheapest nor am I the most expensive garden designer in Cumbria, but my aim is to provide you with a high quality professional service.

Why not give me a call today on 01768 868007 to arrange a consultation?

Photo: terracotta pots
Image: falling leaves
Image: gates between stone pillars